Belgium, Antwerp

IBASHO is a young gallery in Antwerp, Belgium, specialising in Japanese photography ranging from works by well-known Japanese photographers to younger contemporary Japanese artists, as well as works from Western photographers who were inspired by Japan. IBASHO hopes to show the versatility and beauty of Japanese photography in its many guises, from the raw and unpolished to the minimalist and still. As photo books are an important medium for presenting photography in Japan, IBASHO also deals in new and antiquarian Japanese photo books.

ARTISTS 2018: Hideyuki Ishibashi, Ken Kitano, Mika Horie, Yoshinori Mizutani

ARTISTS 2017: Toshio Shibata, Yoshinori Mizutani, Tokyo Rumando, Miho Kajioka

ARTISTS 2016: Toru Ukai, Yoshinori Mizutani, Yoko Ikeda, Motohiro Takeda

ARTISTS 2015: Motohiro Takeda, Naoyuki Ogino, Photographer Hal, Yoshinori Mizutani