Russian Independent Selfpublished

The Russian Independent Selfpublished collective was founded in 2015 by Natalia Baluta, Elena Kholkina and Alla Mirovskaya. Representing a pool of independent artists and book-makers from Russia, they promote photobooks from independent Russian artists who prefer the freedom of self publishing.

Rodchenko Art School Moscow

The Rodchenko Art School, Moscow was founded in 2006. The School is part of the Multimedia Centre of Actual Arts, which incorporates the Moscow House of Photography and the Multimedia Art Museum. The School specialises in photography, contemporary art and new media.

Pobeda Gallery

The Pobeda Gallery is "looking forward to expose young Russian photography to the international photo scene" and thinks Unseen provides an "outstanding opportunity" to do so. But alongside its touring the world's photography fairs, the gallery has responsibilities to Moscow too and it is its self-set task to "introduce Moscow to international acclaimed artists through exhibitions, lectures and master classes".

ARTISTS 2013: Anna Skladmann, Alexey Kiselev, Gosha Rubchinskiy

Russian Independent Self-published

Russian Independent Self-published is a group initiated by three Russian artists - Natalia Baluta, Alla Mirovskaya and Lena Kholkina who prefer the freedom of self-publishing and promoting artist-made photo books to cooperation with traditional institutions. The Group's activities focus on the integration and collaboration of Russian creators and lovers of photo books with global photo book community, the development of culture of the artist photobook and spreading the practice of creating photo books both in Russia and abroad.  

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